We played at home for the last time this season with a lot on the line for all 3 teams. Cementing a solid spot in the finals for the Under 19’s and Seniors, whilst the Reserves had their eyes on sending some veterans off with a win in their final games for the club.


Warrandyte: 14 . 9 . 93
Waverley: 11 . 6 . 72

As we were home today for the last home and away game for the year there was plenty at stake. We hosted Waverley blues who we would potentially play in the first week of finals.

It was one win apiece and it started with a frenetic pace with both teams crashing in but it was the bloods that put the first goal on the board. At quarter time the Bloods had a handy lead and the game continued that way for two more quarters.

Going into the last we knew we had plenty of run left and it was just a matter of how hard we were willing to push ourselves and each other. With intensity we put a winning margin on the blues. It was a great physiological win and a win I was very proud to witness.

Finals here we come


Warrandyte: 7 . 5 . 47
Waverley: 7 . 17 . 59

The boys started like a house on fire, shocking Waverley by scoring 4 goals to none in the first quarter. We kept the momentum going in the second, whilst limiting them to shots from the pocket which roved inaccurate.

In the 3rd quarter, we battled against some big bodied midfielders and managed to continue pushing them wide. Unfortunately in the last quarter, the weight of numbers was too much, with us conceding 2 goals in the last minute which was ultimately the final margin.

The boys played hard and showed we can match it with a team who finished 3rd on the ladder this season.


Warrandyte: 20 . 6 . 126
Waverley: 6 . 6 . 42

Last game for the Home and away season hosting Waverley Blues at Warrandyte .Waverley Blues currently sitting 4th on the ladder this was going to be a test to see what we have learnt over the past 17 Games.

Warrandyte controlled the game from the first bounce, lowering their eyes and hitting targets also sharing the ball around to team mates in better positions.

A great well balanced win to cap off a great season – finishing top of the ladder. Well done boys, but now it’s time to get focused.


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